Special Announcement

In a recently conducted Executive Committee meeting of the Indian Society of Oilseeds Research, it was decided to increase the scope of the Journal of Oilseeds Research by accommodating vibrant aspects of scientific communication.  It has been felt that, the horizon of scientific reporting could be expanded by including the following types of articles in addition to the Research Articles, Short Communications and Review Articles that are being published in the journal as of now.

Research accounts (not exceeding 4000 words, with cited references preferably limited to about 40-50 in number):  These are the articles that provide an overview of the research work carried out in the author(s)’ laboratory, and be based on a body of their published work. The articles must provide appropriate background to the area in a brief introduction so that it could place the author(s)’ work in a proper perspective. This could be published from persons who have pursued a research area for a substantial period dotted with publications and thus research account will provide an overall idea of the progress that has been witnessed in the chosen area of research. In this account, author(s) could also narrate the work of others if that had influenced the course of work in authors’ lab.

Correspondence (not exceeding 600 words): This includes letters and technical comments that are of general interest to scientists, on the articles or communications published in Journal of Oilseeds Research within the previous four issues. These letters may be reviewed and edited by the editorial committee before publishing.

Technical notes (less than 1500 words and one or two display items): This type of communication may include technical advances such as new methods, protocols or modifications of the existing methods that help in better output or advances in instrumentation.

News (not exceeding 750 words): This type of communication can cover important scientific events or any other news of interest to scientists in general and vegetable oil research in particular.

Meeting reports (less than 1500 words): It can deal with highlights/technical contents of a conference/ symposium/discussion-meeting, etc. conveying to readers the significance of important advances. Reports must
Meeting reports should avoid merely listing brief accounts of topics discussed, and must convey to readers the significance of an important advance. It could also include the major recommendations or strategic plans worked out.

Research News (not exceeding 2000 words and 3 display items): These should provide a semi-technical account of recently published advances or important findings that could be adopted in vegetable oil research.

Opinion (less than 1200 words): These articles may present views on issues related to science and scientific activity.

Commentary (less than 2000 words): This type of articles are expected to be expository essays on issues related directly or indirectly to research and other stake holders involved in vegetable oil sector.

Book reviews (not exceeding 1500 words): Books that provide a clear in depth knowledge on oilseeds or oil yielding plants, production, processing, marketing, etc. may be reviewed critically and the utility of such books could be highlighted.  

Historical commentary/notes (limited to about 3000 words): These articles may inform readers about interesting aspects of personalities or institutions of science or about watershed events in the history/development of science. Illustrations and photographs are welcome. Brief items will also be considered.

Education point (limited to about 2000 words): Such articles could highlight the material(s) available in oilseeds to explain different concepts of genetics, plant breeding and modern agriculture practices.

Note: that the references and all other formats of reporting shall remain same as it is for the regular articles and as given in Instructions to Authors

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