• To bring together all persons, organizations and Institutions interested in or engaged in the field of oilseeds research, development, oil technology and allied products connected with oilseeds. This would provide the workers a forum for exchange of views as well as scientific information
  • To promote the efficiency and usefulness of scientists and technologists engaged in the field of oilseeds and allied products by compliance of rules of membership of the Society and code of ethics evolved by it and to enhance their status by setting up a high standard of scientific and professional proficiency
  • To promote the cause of an all round, rational and economic development of oilseeds, oils and related industries
  • To disseminate information and knowledge among its members and to promote and organize scientific education in the realm of oilseeds and allied products
  • To publish and circulate journals, papers, books and other connected literature furthering the objectives of the Society
  • To establish and maintain liaison with related national and international organisations having similar objectives.